Doyle is, in a word, stimulating. He has an infectious vigor that penetrates the set and rubs off on the other artists to inspire collaboration. He trusts the vision all the while lending creative suggestions of his own. He is generous, patient and sensitive to his character. A true pleasure to work with.

- J. Michael Moncrief, Director / Writer

Doyle is a thoughtful collaborator. Highly professional, he is dedicated to portraying character with just the right energy and authenticity.

- Aida Daay, Director

I had fun working with Doyle. He brought great energy to the set, was very professional, and was an inspiring collaborator. He listens well and takes direction spot-on. I'd definitely work with him again.

- Erin Kane, Director

Doyle is a great addition to any cast. He always has lots of creative energy, has a wide variety of skills on which to draw, and is a great hang on set!

- Anton Gill, Writer / Producer

Doyle is a talented guy who brings fresh insights to his roles. He is always prepared when he arrives on set and takes direction well—a thorough professional, and a pleasure to work with.

- Jaime Campbell, Director