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Archive - June, 2007

From PR to Social Media Pro

For PR pros, here are a few more thoughts on integrating social media programs with traditional media relations. (Brian Solis recently wrote a solid article related to this topic for Social Computing Magazine).

Ultimately, this integration is about companies finding the most effective and efficient ways to ensure their messages are also being communicated accurately and consistently across social media. This is easier said than done because the interactive nature of social media means there are many more people voicing their opinions than, say, a traditional print article where readers can’t respond as quickly or easily to an author or an entire community. However, it’s not an impossible task, and the payoff –- relatively inexpensive buzz and stonger, longer-lasting connections with customers — is well worth it.

So what will it take for companies to maximize the value of social media? Primarily, and in no particular order, they’ll need professionals who: (more…)

Social Media: Anti-marketing Marketing

Last Monday June 11th was a blast! I was in a room brimming with exuberance from dynamic presenters and passionate attendees of Starting the Conversation, an interactive workshop designed to help professional communicators ‘get’ social media programs started painlessly and effectively in the corporate workplace. We discussed the strategies, case studies and technologies being used in the rapidly evolving world of social media.

I feel like we’re in an exiting, transformation period now where the rules of engaging customers and generating publicity are being rewritten by social media. Many conversations among and between customers, companies, investors and analysts are happening much quicker, easier and more efficiently because of a variety of online social media tools. And companies are starting to join those conversations because it’s a more efficient and effective way to build trust and loyalty in their brands, products and services. (For example, I think Kristie Wells mentioned that she received about 40 inquiries within the first hour or so by “twittering” her employer’s new product announcement, compared to zero media responses resulting from traditional media outreach and press release distribution during the same time. I could be wrong about the exact numbers, but you get my point).


Amateur Content Earns Praise

(I first wrote this post on March 15, 2007, when it first appeared under my employer’s blog, Boomerang).

We’ve become spoiled by professional Hollywood movies, TV shows, and ads filled with stunning special effects and $500,000 crane shots. Don’t get me wrong – there are some compelling films from Tinseltown, and some neat TV shows and clever ads. But for every “good” Hollywood flick, I’ll show you 10 others that pit style over substance and insult their audience’s intelligence with formulaic, predictable and boring storylines.

Yes, HDTV is beautiful, and growing in popularity too. But I don’t care how beautiful content looks. If it doesn’t really connect with people and speak to some aspect of the human condition, it useless. (more…)

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