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I’m Not Acting

This is a monologue I wrote on March 14, 2013.

I’m Not Acting

You think I’m acting? I’m right here, now, having a real fucking moment. All right? This is me. This is me shining through. I’m not performing. What? No, I’m not hiding. I’m not playing some character. Jesus. There is no character! There’s only me.  There’s only you.  Right now, totally exposed. Raw. Uncut. Untouched.  Un.. plugged.  That’s the reality. That’s what you’re seeing right now.

Ok, I’m sorry.  I’m not angry. I’m not.  I know we just met.  You hit a nerve, that’s all. I just need to be understood, ok?  You need to be understood, right? And this is me. This is here. This is now.  Ya know?  I’m not nuts.  I just need to be unchained, unleashed from these fucking words, that’s all.  These words are choking me like a leather noose.  What? Yes, they’re MY words.  But it’s not about the words!  It’s about me being me, and you seeing me.  Huh? No, I’m trying to have a dialogue here with you. I don’t wanna spew some sloppy monologue! I want to know you.  Now don’t, ya know, get put off cuz you think I’m angry or bitter.  This is passion! There’s a difference.

It’s not intensity either. Intensity is just constantly doing shit ‘cuz you can never be still.  It’s not anger, it’s not intensity. It’s passion. It’s pretty simple, actually.

All right, so, can we, ya know… Can we go on a date now, ok?  Just, I don’t know. Let’s just start with a dinner.  And we talk, right?  Ok, thanks.

My Blogging Habits

I’ve kinda been “laying low,” not participating much in blogosphere conversations. (I do have a life full of activities outside of my tech world of work).  I read lots of blogs — check out my Netvibes RSS overload some time and you’ll see — but I’m still really searching for something VERY different that I feel VERY passionate about in social media that REALLY would be worth A LOT of my personal time spent blogging.

The world doesn’t really need more tech bloggers, IMHO.  And I don’t think people should waste time blogging about things they don’t  feel SUPER passionate about.  Or simply because they want to express ad hoc opinions.  (Maybe I just did that, though? Ha!) So, eventually, when I come out of my shell for REAL, I promise it’s going to be something I feel VERY passionate about. And it’ll probably be pretty different than a lot of what we’re seeing in the tech blogger community today.   Til then… who know’s when?

Blogger Etiquette

Tom Foremski makes a good point today about blogger etiquette. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about transparency, expressing one’s self, and democratizing media and marketing in our world where anyone can publish almost anything at any time.  But that’s VERY different than having the common courtesy to ask someone if it’s okay to publish a live video stream.

I see many people in our industry driven too much by a desire to be noticed; by an attention “from without” rather than “from within” as the Buddhists would say.  Frankly, that’s not a healthy state of mind from which to interact with the world. I don’t mean to pontificate or sound pedantic.  But that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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