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From PR to Social Media Pro

For PR pros, here are a few more thoughts on integrating social media programs with traditional media relations. (Brian Solis recently wrote a solid article related to this topic for Social Computing Magazine).

Ultimately, this integration is about companies finding the most effective and efficient ways to ensure their messages are also being communicated accurately and consistently across social media. This is easier said than done because the interactive nature of social media means there are many more people voicing their opinions than, say, a traditional print article where readers can’t respond as quickly or easily to an author or an entire community. However, it’s not an impossible task, and the payoff –- relatively inexpensive buzz and stonger, longer-lasting connections with customers — is well worth it.

So what will it take for companies to maximize the value of social media? Primarily, and in no particular order, they’ll need professionals who:

1. truly understand how social media works through direct experience;

2. are willing to take a more community-driven approach to messaging, rather than the “command and control” message model behind traditional PR (this is really part of #1);

3. regularly use social media tools (i.e., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Jaiku, Digg, Del.ic.ious);

4. understand how the blogosphere operates;

5. blog consistently;

6. understand how communities are built and maintained;

7. stay current with the latest industry trends;

8. can point to case studies of successful social media projects or programs they’ve helped direct and implement.

As professionals versed in the arts of communication, persuasion, and relationship-building, PR practitioners are a natural fit to help companies maximize the value of social media. Time will tell if PR pros ultimately take the primary role in using social media to transform traditional marketing.

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