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Blogging On Blogging

So I’m reposting my first-ever blog post I wrote on Vox back on Nov. 11, 2006. (I’m trying to consolidate my content. Later this month, I’ll move to a hosted version of WordPress. For now, I’ll be using this freebree option). So here’s that 11/11 post:

So this is my first official blog post. I figured, hey, I’m a pretty creative and opinionated dude, so why the hell not? After all, don’t all human beings have an innate drive to express themselves? Seems to me self-expression and creativity could even trump procreation on the fulfillment ladder. Could you imagine your life without some type of creative outlet? Geez, it would seem a bit boring. So I’m gonna try it out and see where it takes me.

At first glance, I thought blogging was kinda narcissistic. I mean, why would I want to share my “personal thoughts” with the rest of the world if not for my fragile ego? Well, ego is not such a bad thing if it’s managed properly. And, hell, our ego is not going away anytime soon. But more importantly, what I realized is that I LOVE community. It’s what makes me love filmmaking and my job as a tech PR pro.

There’s something magical about discovering where community can take us — it’s usually different and more intriguing than anything each individual could generate.

On a professional level, I think pro bloggers should really have something substantive to say and keep it focused. People are busy. Time is precious. On a personal level, I say write, express, be and share whoever you are and whatever you want. Til next time.

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  • leila

    hey eric, it’s fun to read your thoughts :) makes me miss our conversations! so here’s a dilemma re: twitter – the only way I can add friends is to actually send them an email – how can I find someone I know (eg you) without knowing which email address you signed up for…..ah, the reason everybody loves facebook.