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My Blogging Habits

I’ve kinda been “laying low,” not participating much in blogosphere conversations. (I do have a life full of activities outside of my tech world of work).  I read lots of blogs — check out my Netvibes RSS overload some time and you’ll see — but I’m still really searching for something VERY different that I feel VERY passionate about in social media that REALLY would be worth A LOT of my personal time spent blogging.

The world doesn’t really need more tech bloggers, IMHO.  And I don’t think people should waste time blogging about things they don’t  feel SUPER passionate about.  Or simply because they want to express ad hoc opinions.  (Maybe I just did that, though? Ha!) So, eventually, when I come out of my shell for REAL, I promise it’s going to be something I feel VERY passionate about. And it’ll probably be pretty different than a lot of what we’re seeing in the tech blogger community today.   Til then… who know’s when?

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  • Erik Sebellin-Ross

    Hey, share your Netvibes universe with me and I’ll share mine :P Curious to see who will have the greater overload.

  • elsakawai

    so curious to see more of ur blog !!!!! :) Hurry

  • Ming Yeow

    “the world does not need more tech bloggers”- understatement dude!!